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Liturgical Hospitality: Greeters & Ushers


Under the direction of the Liturgical Hospitality Coordinator, the Liturgical Hospitality: Greeters & Ushers serve the Liturgy by helping to establish a climate of welcome, helpfulness, and order among those gathered. They assist the assembly with practical details So that the Liturgy and Sacred Rites can be celebrated with ease and grace.


  • Ensures that the Church is presentable and welcoming.
  • Arrives early with appropriate attire and nametag.
  • Welcomes parishioners as they arrive, being attentive to newcomers, children, the elderly and those with special needs.
  • Offers information or assistance regarding the parish, the Liturgy, the facilities, parish registration procedures, the location of restrooms, special events and seating arrangements.
  • Helps the assembly by handing out hymnals, receiving collections and seating late arrivals and persons with disabilities.
  • Ensures that a family/group has been designated to present gifts.
  • Responds appropriately to particular needs or emergencies within the assembly.
  • Assists in the movement of the assembly during Holy Communion.
  • Carries the collection up (in pairs) when gifts are being presented and ensures its security.
  • Assists with the departure of the assembly.
  • Participates fully in the Liturgy as an exemplary member of the assembly.
  • Carries out other functions as requested by the Pastor and/or Pastoral Team.

The Activities/Responsibilities listed above may not completely reflect the ministry performed at this parish at all times. Please refer to the “Specific instructions of the presiding priest or Pastor.

Skills, Experience, and Qualifications

  • Registered and in good standing with the Church, Pastor, and community.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Is recognized within the parish community as a person of good reputation.
  • Has the ability to work with others as a team.

Personal Traits and Qualities

  • Desires to serve the community and to commit time and talents to this ministry.
  • Honest, dependable and can maintain strict confidentiality.
  • Is able to collaborate well with others and enjoys teamwork.
  • Has a helpful, supportive and non-threatening attitude when Working with people.
  • Is comfortable with being accountable and is sensitive to the observance of proper boundaries.
  • Has a spirit of generosity.

Orientation and Training

Standard parish orientation program and training provided by the Liturgical Hospitality Coordinator as supported by the Office of Formation for Discipleship. Training in Basic CPR and First Aid is very important.

Participant Group

Other Liturgical Hospitality: Greeters & Ushers, the parish community.

Support, Supervision, and Evaluation

The Liturgical Hospitality Coordinator is the first level of support, Supervision, and evaluation.

Length of Ministry Appointment

Three to five years term with the ability to renew (General Risk) One year term with the ability to renew

Benefits and Working Conditions

Will develop collaboration and team working skills. This is a volunteer position requiring a time commitment of hours per week/ hours per month.

Must be able to attend the orientation session and training sessions as required.

There will be supervision and periodic evaluations.

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