Prayers of the Faithful Our Lord Jesus Christ King of the Universe 20 November 2022


Archdiocese-of-Toronto announcement about the new Archbishop of Toronto

  1. For the Church: that we may cooperate in the ministry of Jesus who is healing and reconciling all the human family particularly those who are alienated or marginalized. We pray to the Lord.


  1. For the grace of forgiveness: that we may be moved to forgive all who have injured us and show compassion for them

We pray to the Lord.



  1. For a transformation of our hearts: that through the Cross of Christ, our understandings of power, success, and glory may be changed and that we may place ourselves more fully in the service of God

We pray to the Lord.

  1. For each of us: that we may live our lives fearlessly while recognizing that our goal is union with Christ in paradise.We pray to the Lord.
  2. For all who are ill: that they may entrust themselves into God’s loving embrace and be healed of all their wounds and sinfulness.

We pray to the Lord.

  1. For all who have died during this past year: that Christ the first born from the dead may welcome them into the fullness of life where sorrow and pain exist no more.

We pray to the Lord.

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