Prayers of the Faithful Holy Family Feast day 27 DEC 20

Family Feast day Intercessions

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Prayers of the Faithful

Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

December 27, 2020

  1. For the Church: may God form us into a family of faith that encourages and supports one another in living the Gospel more fully each day as we live our vocations as single, married, religious, deacons and priests

We pray to the Lord. 

  1. For a deepening of prayer: may the Spirit guide our families in praying together and help us to listen to God’s response in the quiet of our hearts

We pray to the Lord.

  1. For all suffering families: may God reunite families separated at borders, escaped to refugee camps or imprisoned parents communicate with their children and God help families burdened by poverty or economic stress

We pray to the Lord.

  1. For all doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals: may they be permitted to function according to their conscience and may God comfort the grieving

We pray to the Lord.

  1. For all who are ill and those with Covid-19: may God heal the sick. Let us pray especially for those whose names have been placed on our altar.

We pray to the Lord.

  1. For all who have died: may the Christ Child greet them with joy.

We pray to the Lord.

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