St. Philip Neri Table

Who we are

St. Philip Neri’s Table, a Food Program inaugurated on May 29, 2021, is an outreach mission to the poor located in North York, Ontario, intended to alleviate the food insecurity crisis* affecting families in Toronto and surrounding areas, where statistics and facts reveal a considerable percentage of households struggling to meet basic food and nutrition needs. We are located at 2100 Jane Street, North York Ontario M3M 1A1. Contact us for days and times of service by phone at 416-241-3101 or by email at The actual days of service will be published on this website.

St. Philip Neri’s Table is initially serving in a food pantry style,  providing dry, non-perishable goods, starting on the 4th Saturday of the month, gradually increasing the frequency to bi-weekly and eventually to weekly.  Our food distribution model may evolve over time, always seeking to serve our patrons in the best and safest way possible. Our longer-term vision is to offer a seat and eat-in environment with cooked meals and the opportunity to interact directly with our patrons.

St. Philip Neri’s Table relies on individual, private, business or corporate donations to help us obtain and assemble nutritious food packages for our patrons.

St. Philip Neri’s Table operates under St. Philip Neri Parish, a registered charitable organization under which donation tax receipts will be issued.

St. Philip Neri’s Table, in its search for best ways to address food needs, found its inspiration in St. Francis Table, the primary expression of Capuchin Outreach, founded in 1987 by the Capuchin Franciscan Friars of Central Canada 

St. Philip Neri Table


St Philip Neri Table


Con motivo de la fiesta de San Felipe Neri estamos inaugurando el próximo sábado 29 a las 10:30 de la mañana la St. Philip Neri’s Table, o la mesa de San Felipe Neri, un apostolado nuevo de nuestra parroquia para ayudar con la seguridad alimentaria de las familias necesitadas de North York, donde las estadísticas indican que la pobreza es muy alta. Habrá distribución de comida de despensa familiar básica. Favor informar a familias y amigos en su entorno.



On the occasion of the feast of St. Philip Neri we are inaugurating next Saturday May 29th at 10:30 in the morning the St. Philip Neri’s Table, a new apostolate of our parish to help with food security of needy families in North York, where statistics indicate that poverty is very high. There will be distribution of basic family pantry food. Please inform families and friends in your surroundings.



In occasione della festa di San Felipe Neri inauguriamo sabato prossimo 29 alle 10:30 del mattino il St. Philip Neri’s Table, un nuovo apostolato della nostra parrocchia per aiutare la sicurezza alimentare delle famiglie bisognose di North York, dove le statistiche indicano che la povertà è molto alta. Ci sarà la distribuzione del cibo di base della dispensa familiare. Si prega di informare le famiglie e gli amici nel proprio ambiente.