Announcements for the week of November 5 2017

Archdiocese-of-Toronto announcement about the new Archbishop of Toronto

  1. Please fill out your special All Soul’s envelopes with all the names of your deceased loved ones along with your offering. We pray over these envelopes all month long. Bring the envelopes to the office.
  2. Parish Youth Ministry: The next EDGE meeting is Friday, November 10 at 7:00 p.m. Come help guide a young person as a Volunteer.
  3. The annual  CWL Christmas Bazaar is only Saturday, November 18 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Come, shop early for Christmas!
  4. A first announcement that 2017 Tax Receipt donations must be given to the church by December 31, 2017.  All donations given after January 1 will be counted in the 2018 Tax Receipt mailed in 2019.
  5. The Archdiocese asks us to please sign and mail the yellow petition cards to P.M. Justin Trudeau at the back of the church in support of women’s work through the Development office for Caritas Canada.
  6. Christmas is in 6 weeks! To prepare for our Lord’s birth, Br. Joseph encourages us all as a parish to deepen our relationship with Christ at 6 minutes a day with the Little Blue Book. Spend some quiet time with the Lord or with your children. Books are available in English or Spanish for $1.50 each and are in the office.

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