Reading summaries Feast of the Blessed Trinity – Eleventh Sunday of Ordinary Time

ReadingsMay 22

Feast of the Blessed Trinity

First Reading:  This reading in praise of the wisdom of God can be seen as a groping towards the revelation of the mystery of the Trinity.

Second Reading:  Christ made possible for us a relationship of love with God. This gives us the hope and sustains us in the time of suffering. The Holy Spirit helps us to recognise the God’s love for us.

Gospel:  The Holy Spirit helps the Church to grasp the full meaning of all Jesus said, especially what he said about the Father.

ReadingsMay 29

Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ

First Reading:  Melchizedek, a pagan priest-king, gives gifts of bread and wine to Abraham. In Christian tradition that bread and wine were taken to prefigure the Eucharist.

Second Reading:  When we celebrate the Eucharist we do not merely make Christ present, but re-enact the death by which he saved us.

Gospel:  Jesus provides an extraordinary meal for those who followed him into the desert. In the Eucharist the Church continues the mission of Jesus – teaching, healing and nourishing God’s People.

ReadingsJune 5

Tenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

First Reading:  Elijah restores the son of a widow to life

Second Reading: Paul stresses that the Gospel he preaches came to him as a revelation from Jesus Christ.

Gospel: Jesus raised to life the only son of a widow at Nain.

ReadingsJune 12

Eleventh Sunday of Ordinary Time

First Reading: When challenged about his sin by the prophet Nathan, King David readily admits it and repents.

Second Reading:  All Paul’s strength comes from his belief in and union with Christ.

Gospel: We hear of a moving encounter in the house of a Pharisee between Christ and a sinful woman.

ReadingsJune 19

Twelfth Sunday of Ordinary Time

First Reading: The prophet looks forward to a time when a new spirit will be poured out on the people (as happened at Pentecost), and they will mourn over the one they put to death (Jesus, the Christ).

Second Reading: Our unity in Christ has done away with distinctions, and means that Jews and Gentiles alike are heirs to the promises made to Abraham.

Gospel: Jesus is revealed as the Messiah, but a suffering Messiah. Suffering will be part of the lives of his followers too.

ReadingsJune 26 

Thirteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

First Reading: Elisha is called to succeed the prophet Elijah.

Second Reading: Despite the Galatians’ union with Christ and the gift of the Spirit, they still must struggle against the flesh.

Gospel: Jesus rejects retaliation and expects wholehearted commitment from his disciples.

ReadingsJuly 03 

Fourteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

First Reading: Written after the return from the Babylonian exile, this poem paints a glowing picture of the blessings God will be stow on Jerusalem and its inhabitants.

Second Reading: Paul insists that the Christian life means becoming like Christ. He himself bears the marks of Christ’s passion on his body.

Gospel: The sending out of seventy-two disciples.

ReadingsJuly 10 

Fifteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

First Reading: Moses urges the people to obey God’s law, not as something imposed from outside them, but as something that springs up from inside themselves.

Second Reading: Paul asserts the absolute supremacy of Christ.

Gospel: The immortal parable of the Good Samaritan.

ReadingsJuly 17

Sixteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

First Reading: When Abraham gave hospitality to three strangers he did not know that he was entertaining God himself, who would reward him with good news.

Second Reading: Paul, a minister of the good news of the calling of the Gentiles to salvation suffers for his converts.

Gospel: The Gospel contrasts Martha’s activity and Mary’s quiet devotion to the Lord.

ReadingsJuly 24 

Seventeenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

First Reading: Abraham intercedes with God on behalf of Sodom, a city full of evil.

Second Reading: Through Baptism a Christian dies to the old sinful way of life, and rises to live a new life.

Gospel: Jesus urges the apostles to pray to God with child-like trust for all their spiritual and temporal needs.

ReadingsJuly 31

Eighteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

First Reading: The things that are supposed to satisfy human beings do not satisfy them.

Second Reading: Through Baptism we share in the life of Christ. We hear some of the conclusions that follow from this.

Gospel: Jesus warns against greed, and stresses the foolishness of depending on material things for one’s security rather than on God.

ReadingsAugust 7

Nineteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

First Reading: Just as God came to the rescue of the Jews in Egypt, so he will save those who put their trust in him.

Second Reading: We are called to imitate the faith of the patriarchs, especially that of Abraham, ‘our father in faith’.

Gospel: The parable of the waiting servants urges a constant watchfulness and faithfulness.